ASIMO video

This video shows hondas ASIMO robot working! I tryed to order the free DVD but its only avaliable in the US :(

house of Cosbys

well today I discoverd house of Cosbys, an internet cartoon, one thats being shut down after four episodes since Bill Cosbys lawyer wrote them a letter. I watched them and they are heaps funny. I found a torrent for all 4 eps!


DHTML Lemmings

I saw this on this blog its just like the original lemmings – so cool!!



Dontclickit is a site which I heard about on rocketboom. It features an interface that doesn’t need to be clicked. Its very cool.

Oh Noes!

Oh Noes! Has always been one of my favourites, but I had no idea that there were so many around like it. Apparently this craze all started from just one kinda funny one done with Shaun Connery. This site has the list of them all



This program seems pretty cool, it allows you to add meta tag information of audio files in explorer. I already use dbpoweramp to do this, but I think AudioShell looks better and it allows you to add cover art.


Privacy violation JS Text Box


This is pretty cool, it’s a script that records to a hidden field what you typing at all times, including all cursor movement, and backspace key. The resulting text file can then be ‘decoded’ and played back at normal speed, just how it was typed!



This site has funny stuff that’s said on IRC, some of these are classic

looser hacker

Check this out - its heaps funny

C# String.Join()

Here is another embarrassing fact that I keep forgetting how to do in C#

String to array = string.split(delimiter)

Array to string = String.Join(delimiter, array);


There is a forum.blogging tool that we use – Community Server, but I think I just found a flaw. If there is an underscore (_) in a username the whole thing breaks L

It took me awhile to figure this out as there was %5F being put into the url, here is a useful page for looking at URL encoding and a simple decoder javascript


Battlefield2 tweak guide

This looks pretty useful, have to see if I can get a better run out of BF2
This also has a few more tweaks and mods for BF2, I think the most interesting is the battlerecorder test file


This is pretty cool! An Ajax library for .Net!


Manhole covers - revised

well, afer about 5 glorious hours I deleted the manhole covers group - I thought it was an original group, but it turns out that its not :(
Oh well... I joined up with the other group and moved my pictures over


Manhole covers

I've created a manhole covers flikr group, its a collection of the manhole covers that I collected on my trip to Japan. I'm hoping that it will start something, it would be cool to get manhole covers from around the world!



Ive just discoverd this tool for downlaoding and viewing podcasts. FireAnt! I hanvt used it yet... have to do that tomorrow :P

Learnign programs via OPML

I commented on Cameron Reilly’s blog today regarding some of the stuff I get up to at work (which is mostly listening to podcasts :P)

He seems to think that I might be worth while interviewing, well maybe…

GAC again!!!

I’m still having this stupid GAC-related problem!!!

Anyways I think I found yet another useful resource to my GAC collection.

It seems that apart from going to the effort of adding the assembliy to the GAC you also have to add it to the web.config, like so:

<add assembly="MerrillLynch.Bank.Framework.Web, version=1.1.2005.0, publicKeyToken=80a6f6408bd93158, culture=neutral" />

oh this is a good one too


Ok, this looks like a good one. Adding assemblies into the GAC + creating keys and signing etc…


signed/strongly-typed assembiles

I just found out that signed assembiles have to be put into the GAC otherwise they are unstable - I must remember to look into this further.

there's a .NET command-line tool "sn.exe" ... sn -T displays the public key token (which only strongly-named assemblies have)


asp.Net cookies

This is a pretty good look at .Net cookies, its in VB, but that’s ok


Dr Who sfx

This is entertaining, a flash app that combines all the audio sounds needed to create Dr Who sounds J

XSLT files

This is something that I only just discovered, I guess I’m a little slow.

Anyway, an XSLT file is used for transforming an XML file into either another XML file or a XHTML file – this is the cool thing, you can turn XML into HTML. This tutorial is a good one.

Google Sitemaps

This looks interesting, have to make a note of this for some of the sites.


JavaScript redirect

I’m sick of googleing for this one:
So that’s how its done!

Something meaningful

Ok, now for something more than just – hey this is cool.

I’ve been looking at some JavaScript lately and here are some things I have been using.

It turns out that the &lt;select&gt;/<options&gt; tags don’t support tool tips, not only that they don’t support JavaScript events either – how stupid. So I’ve created a list of links nested inside a div that does the same thing – have a look:


Var listLengths = new Array();

function drawList(){
var linkText = new Array();
linkText[0] = “this is a load of text”;
var div = getElementById(‘divList’);
div.innerHTML = “&lt;ul id=’itemList’&gt;”;
for(var i=0;i<linkText.length;i++){
var tempSplit = new Array();
tempSplit = linkText[i];
linkText[i] = tempSplit.join(' ');
div.innerHTML += "&lt;li><a id=’list~”+ i +”’ href=’about:blank’ title=’”+ linkText[i] +”’ onClick=’listClick(\”itemList\”, \”list~” + i +”); return false;’&gt;”+ linkText[i] +”</a></li>

div.innerHTML += “&lt;/ul>”;
listLengths['itemList'] = linkText.length;


function listClick(listName, link){
For(var i=0;i&lt;listLengths[listName];i++){
Document.getElementById(link.split('~')[0]+ '~' + i).style.backgroundColor = ‘#FFF’;
document.getElementById(link).style.backgroundColor = '#c0c0c0';
return false;


.thisDiv {
margin:0 5px 0 0;

.thisDiv ul {
padding:5 5 0 10;
margin:0 0 0 0;

.thisDiv a {

.thisDiv a:visited {

.thisDiv li {


I’m pretty sure this works, its from something that does, so if it doesn’t… well it shouldn’t take too long to get going!


Flickr can host my images for this blog (apparently)

Hopefully my av will appear here:
hmm, looks pretty good :)


I discovered Flickr today… I’m not really sure how useful its going to be yet, but you never know. I might upload all my pictures from China in there as a cool place to store them. I really like the email function, its just makes it easy… although I’m not exactly sure what stops anyone from emailing stuff into my account – ill have to look into that.

Here is my Flickr RRS