View Trace.axd v1.2!

Its finally been approved!
Get it here
This version is smarter than before and will now open Trace.axd only when one exists and if the current page is Trace.axd it does nothing.


SQL Code Camp

This is the first I heard about SQL Code Camp - http://www.sqldownunder.com/CodeCamp/tabid/53/Default.aspx
Perhaps I'm just not reading the right blogs?
I'll have to mention it at work to see if we can go...


... and one more JavaScript thig

I also forgot to mention JavaScript Lint - http://www.javascriptlint.com/

You can add it in as an external tool in Visual Studio and get a JavaScript code checker, like FXCop woohoo!

Javascript and screen readers

I found two great posts today focusing on JavaScript with screen readers.

The first one is a test to try and get a screen reader to read changes in the DOM the conclusion is that it doesnt work L


This second post is even more interesting as it shows which JavaScript events are compatible with which screen reader all in one table


TechEd Flair

Here is my first attempt at some flair for this year


View Trace.axd

My view trace.axd Firefox extention became live today - woo!


Stylus Studio

I use Stylus Studio at work and have found it to be a great XML tool.
When developing our XML driven flash application at work, stylus studio made creating the schema's and xml easy.
I've also used it serveral times to get my Xpath queries right, which is also great.