I’m looking for somewhere to host a site for my church. So far I have found these that look interesting:

http://www.audioblog.com/ - this is for podcasting and video blogging, its something that the site is going to have in the future. Its really cheap at $60 a year with 5Gb a month bandwidth.

http://www.brinkster.com/ - these guys seem ok, I haven’t really looked around yet for the ASP.Net hosting. They don’t really offer SQL Server though… that’s no good.

http://www.portalwebhosting.com/windows_hosting.php - these guys seem ok, just a bit expencive.

https://www.godaddy.com/gdshop/hosting/shared.asp - this is better! They seem cheap and have SQL Server, plus I’ve been recommended these guys from a guy at work.

http://www.webhost4life.com/hosting.asp - also seem very cheap


VSNUnit (edit: Testrunner)

I’m trying VSNUnit at the moment – it’s an open source Visual Studio plugin that puts the NUnit interface into VS 2003/05.

I’ve tried it on one test at the moment and it seems to work fine.

Edit: This is the second app that I've run today that hasnt lasted 5 mins. I was having a strange problem with it only running once before, then not. I read the project forums and apparenty the project has been abandoned as there is another tool out there that is better. oh well...
So im going to give this new one a try - Testrunner. hopefully this one is better, although it looks like you have to pay for commercial use.

Mac OSX theme on Win XP


This looks interesting, I might try it a little later

Edit: yeah it looked kinda cool, but it screwed a few things up. In total it lasted about 5mins. However I have discoverd another cool thing caled objectDock - it gives you the Mac OS cool menu thing at the bottom. its really handy, and looks pretty. Its been on all day now and I think it might last the week - pretty impressive!

how LEGO is made


this site has a cool flash animation, mixed with real video on the whole process of making LEGO – cool!


Fold and Drop

This would have to be the most impressive interface design that I have seen for a long time, heaps better than that don’t click it thing.


Talking about that don’t click it idea I found a script for greasemonkey that turns all hyperlinks into ‘don’t click it links’ meaning that you only rollover a link to activate it – it was the most annoying thing as you had to watch where your mouse was at all times so you wouldn’t rollover things by accident!


systems tester


This has a look at your system and lets you know what games will run on it


Running .bat files as a service

I’m using this at the moment to run a Tomcat web server. Otherwise as soon as you logout the server stops – useless!

Command redirection

This just helped me solve an annoying problem.

I was running a bat file, and it wasn’t running for some reason, but instead of telling me why it just exited the command prompt. So I used the > to pipe the output to a file

Server 2003 power toys

I noticed that the windows power toys don’t work for server 2003, and since I use the open command here one all the time this is bad. Anyways I found this, someone has remade them to go with server 2003 – woohoo!

Google H4x0r!

Win Environment Variables

I was installing java on a Server 2003 machine yesterday and because I had a few version of the JRE it screwd up my JAVA_HOME environment var. So I manuallly set it. Apparently you can do it from the command line by doing this:
set JAVA_HOME=c:\javaBut this only seems to last as long as the command window is open, so I discoverd a more permanent way to do it in the system menu

17 hours of free ASP.Net training

For some reason Microsoft is giving away some free training! Just have to enter this activation code: 8317-MSDN-6595


AJAX C# -> VB.Net converter

There are a few of these tools around, but few that use AJAX. Have to remember this one.



I’ve been looking for a simple free defragger for ages that does a better job than the XP one. I think I found it! I haven’t used it yet, but ill post when the results are in

HTML Commands &

This is kinda an update to my URL encoding post and extends it to look at HTML commands, like having an & in HTML or more importantly XML - big badda boom!
so here is a list of the commands and conversions



I’ve heard a lot about this app through various podcasts so I though I would give it a go. In the 2 minutes that I used it for I have decided that it will do everything that I would want an audio editor (that’s free) to do.


Battlefield 2

Woohoo! I got battlefield 2 last night, its great!

Im not exactly sure how much time im going to be able to put into it, so I dont think ill be joining up with my old clan.

I’ve added my stats to the bottom of my blog