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We were in the paper today!

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jQuery Manager for .Net

I released the early version of my jQuery Script Manager today on CodePlex.
Its an idea that I have had for the past couple of days in an attempt to make using jQuery and ASP.Net work nicely. I've been using JavaScript lately with SharePoint (WSS v3 & MOSS) and I've been unhappy with how injected JavaScript can get really messy. This project is an attempt to make it better.

What is jQuery you ask?

So here is how its currently used:

1) Add the jQuery Script Manager to the page

<%@ Register Assembly="jQuery.ScriptManager, Version=, 
Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null
" Namespace="jQuery.ScriptManager" TagPrefix="jQuery" %>


<jQuery:jQueryManager id="jQueryM" runat="server">

2) register any JavaScripts functions that need to run on document.load

<jQuery:jQueryManager id="jQueryM" runat="server">
<jQuery:RegisterReadyFunction FunctionName="TestFunction" />

3) Create the JavaScript function

function TestFunction(){
alert('The page has loaded!');

The JavaScript function "TestFunction" will be called when the page loads by placing it in jQuery's $(document).ready function.


Embedding JavaScript as a resource in a .Net assembly

I needed to do this today for a web part that I'm creating. Being able to have the JavaScript packaged is so much neater.


ASP.Net AJAX and MOSS 2007

This post from Mike Ammerlaan just saved me some time on what to add to the Web.config for MOSS.

MOSS 2007 WebPart CAS

This is a good article on MOSS CAS - saved me some time!

I also discovered the hard way that if you use the sample config file associated with the article bad security things will happen. This is because WSS does not have permission to access the file, so I copied the wss_minimaltrust.config, and then copied the contents of the sample file into it.