I am 53% evil!!

I've always thought this might be the case, and The Gematriculator has proved me right. By analysing this blog they have determined that it is:
This site is certified 53% EVIL by the Gematriculator



New RSS agrigator

I change my apps every couple of months, when I see something new that I think might be better. This month I ditched my smelly old boring agrigator (sage - which fits nicely into Firefox, and well I have no real problems with) and replaced it with Bloglines! Why is Bloglines so good. Well its a web based client so now I can check my blog list from anywhere! They also provide you with a Firefox extention that fits in the taskbar, it checks every 30 seconds if there are any changes which is cool.


I never got around to mentioning my new favourite search engine untill I saw this posted on boing boing. Anyway its called scroogle (as in screw - google) basically they give you the results without the adsence and without the keyword search logging. The best thing is that you can add it to your search bar in Firefox and stop mozilla from getting extra cash too!!


Hex editor

While trying to debug my P2P library (more about this later) I needed a Hex editor to work out exactly what I was writing to an image file. I found this one. Its pretty simple and it helped me figure out what was going on (I hope).



This is good fun! Peekaboom is a two player game that is played online through a java applet interface (why not flash??).

Another Ajax tutorial

Here is another AJAX tutorial:


I’ve had a little bit of a play with AJAX, but not it anything real.

voip buster

I don’t know how this works, but apparently you can make free phone calls with this


I’m going to try it out tonight at home.

Edit: yep tryed it out and its everything it says it is. Free landline calls in Australia, mobile calls are about 26c p/min, so I wont be doing that in a hurry. At the moment you can try it for free for a minute a call, but to get unlimited all you have to do i buy about $2 worth of credit.


Definition of Microsoft

Warchalking giude

Here is a good explanation to war chalking symbols

Lockpicking guide

Lift Hack

Apparently some types of lift can be put into “express” mode by pressing the door close and the floor number at the same time – very cool!